Saturday, June 30, 2012

[Creator of the Week Interview] Freckles Fairy Chest

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The amazing creator of the week is Ashley of Freckles Fairy Chest -- a shop specializing in fairy Fashion - Hair Accessories & Upcycled Costumes.

All about Freckles Fairy Chest: "It was a magical brainstorming session with my husband, Raymond Ormaza, that led to the birth of Freckles Fairy Chest. He encouraged me to put items up on etsy and start a website, which he wanted to design. I am fortunate enough to have married a very creative artist, as we are constantly having brainstorming sessions for Freckles' future endeavors! I can truly thank him for supporting and encouraging me to take that leap.

The first hair wreaths I made were for my baby shower in August of 2011. I was having a fairy garden themed shower and wanted to have a unique gift for everyone. So I sat in our living room, surrounded by flowers and vines, and realized how much I loved making them. I didn't really kick things off on etsy until around April of 2012, which leads into my most proud accomplishment. I was gearing up for the Tampa Renaissance Festival, where I was selling my products as a guest vendor. I made tons of items for display, and planned to make them available online after the fair. I got a lot of friends, family and fans who complimented my work, which just added fuel to my creative fire.

My inspiration. It is constant, a gift from God, which He has blessed me with, mostly through three specific individuals in my life. First, my husband, who continues to challenge and inspire me everyday (not to mention, he is a masterpiece of a hunk himself)! Second, my Grandma, who is the one that filled my childhood with creative projects, fairies, and fairytales. We are kindred spirits, and I've always valued and admired her ability to weave her spirituality, creativity, and quest for knowledge into her life with grace and beauty. And third, my flaming muse, Angi Sullins of Duirwaigh. She is a whirlwind of a force, who's aim is to inspire others through her workshops and writing. Drink from her fountain of inspiration, and you can't help but bleed creativity!

My goal is to take my etsy sales to a new level by offering some truly unique and photogasmic eye candy! I am constantly coming up with new ideas, and I have a feeling that a year from now, I am going to look back with amazement and appreciation. I will be thankful and full of gratitude. I will be living the dream."

A tip for other sellers: "Optimism, patience and passion for what you do. Success is sure to follow!"

P.S. Ashley loves to blogging, facebook, and pinterest to promote her shop.

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