Saturday, June 9, 2012

[Creator of the Week Interview] Break The Record

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The amazing creator of the week is Stacey Iden of Break The Record -- a shop specializing in handmade items made from repurposed vinyl records, cassette tapes, and other music memorabilia.

Break The Record started a year ago, "About a year ago I was brainstorming for the perfect gift to make for my boyfriend’s birthday. I started making some things out of vinyl records, and I would post them on my personal facebook page and friends started commenting that I should sell my creations on Etsy."

Stacey's biggest challenge is balance, "My biggest challenge is just balancing life in general. I am a single mom of two beautiful daughters, age 12 and 8, who are very busy and active in gymnastics and school functions. I work full-time as a secretary at the State Attorney’s Office here in my town, for 17 years now. So it is very hard to find the time to create all the things I want to make. I have so many ideas for new products but not enough time to create them all."

Her favorite accomplishment was, "when I got a sale for 16 Mixtape Lights that were used at a VIP pre-concert dinner in Australia for the Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) concert."

For inspiration: "All I have to do is think about my girls and how happy they are now that I can take them to a movie, or skating, or buy them a new leotard for gymnastics. On our way to do those things, they will even say “Mom, did you get an Etsy sale?” It may not be a “I quit my day job” story, but it has made a huge difference in my life. Financially we weren’t able to do even those little things before I had my Etsy shop."

Besides your shop what makes you tick? "Music! I grew up watching MTV more than cartoons and the other shows kids my age were watching. I was only 3 when MTV premiered. And I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m talking about the days of Pauley Shore, not Jersey Shore. There is something about music videos that just fascinates me. Maybe it’s my short attention span and the fact that each video is like a mini-movie set to music, and tells a story in the short length of 3 minutes or however long the song is. Maybe it’s because a lot of videos are recordings of live concert footage and my favorite thing to do is attend a concert. It’s one thing to hear your favorite songs on the radio or watch the music video, but it’s an entire different experience to see and hear it performed live on stage and to be surrounded by thousands of other people who feel the same way."

Keep an eye out for new pendants, "I am currently working on my new line of hanging pendant Mixtape Lights. I hope to have at least a few for sale in the coming week."

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