Saturday, May 5, 2012

[Creator of the Week Interview] Walk in the Woods, LLC

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The amazing creator of the week is Rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC -- a shop specializing in nature-inspired gifts to inspire holistic healing and creative expression.

Walk in the Woods, LLC started years ago, "I’ve been creating nature-inspired products for years and had a business many years ago (pre-internet) where fairs and home parties were my main selling-venue. I’ve been selling online, at one venue or another for about seven years now and I really enjoy it!"

What made you want to start your shop?, "I love creating, it’s a form of healing Medicine to me … and to share that with others is vital to me. Selling online was and continues to be one way in which I can make my expressions available to folks."

Rose's idea on accomplishments, "I neither rank experiences nor keep favorites. Life is too dynamic to invest energies in such linear rankings … my “favorites” change with the moment and stay in the present. This practice supports me in my holistic evolution."

What do you use for inspiration? "In a word, Nature. Whether I’m creating with herbs or botanicals, expressing with clay or paint, Nature is somehow involved; of course, to me, Nature means Spirit."

Besides your shop what makes you tick? "Life! I do my best to be inspired by every moment … every joy and challenge … every task and activity. Doing laundry or washing dishes can be every bit as meaningful and inspirational as creating a work of art or craft."

A tip for other sellers: "Express and create your Passion. Folks seem to respond most deeply to the heart of a “product” … the inspired motivation of it and the integrity of its creator. When you bare your soul and express your true spirit, those of like mind and heart will respond, be it in a sale or a relationship."

A great way to promote: "I use a number of social networks to connect with potential buyers and other sellers. Again, I don’t have a “favorite,” yet I love promoting the creations of other indie and handmade artisans … it nourishes a part of me that is challenging to explain, but I do know that I have made some lasting friendships through this method."

Rose's art journals help inspire new products, "Right now, aside from my seedlings and gardens (I grow a lot of my own food), I’m centered on personal work in my many art journals. In my journals I’m not only able to express and invite healing and growth to myself, I am able develop new methods, skills and techniques that I later apply to new creations. I do this every winter-to-spring, and it influences the items I create and introduce for sale as spring moves to summer (and so on)."

As for giveaways, "I’ve never kept count of the giveaways that I enter, but I do peruse a number of blogs (at least) once a week and enter giveaways when I discover them."

Rose has won many great things, "Oh, I’ve been blessed with so many wonderful winnings over the years … and I suppose the coolest things to come from them are the connections I have made and the friendships that have been nurtured."

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