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[Creator of the Week Interview] An Astrid Endeavor

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The amazing creator of the week is Astrid of An Astrid Endeavor -- a shop specializing in Unique adornments, made with a lot of love, "Right now I am really into bright colors and shapes. I love making interesting jewelry- my inner anthropologist comes out as I have always been attracted to the history of jewelry and ornamentation across the globe and throughout the years. I also sell hand embroidered ornaments and cards that celebrate adoption and the birth continent of my little one- Africa, specifically Ethiopia."

An Astrid Endeavor started July, 2011, "I've been participating in craft fairs and sales for many years, but since having a family it's been really hard to set aside time to make up a large inventory. Etsy is perfect for me, in that I can create items here and there when I have the time, which is usually at night when my little one is sleeping!"

Astrid's biggest challenge is sleep, "I'm just getting the hang of prioritizing all aspects of my life with Etsy. I would have to say the biggest challenge right now is making myself go to sleep at night! I get so fired up and excited, that I don't want to go to sleep. Well, that doesn't really work when you have a family and full time job!"

Her favorite accomplishments are: "The San Francisco Museum of Folk Art and Craft contacted me the other day and accepted 18 of my pieces for sale in their museum shop! That was a surreal experience (www.mocfa.org/index.htm ). I am also so happy when I receive feedback from a customer on Etsy who loves their ornament, or piece of jewelry- that's a good feeling, to know that these little pieces of handmade love are being worn out there in the world!"

What do you use for inspiration? "I take time to relax, read, breathe.. Anything that let's me clear my mind and make space for inspiration to come. Inspiration is all around- sometimes it comes at such rapid speed- a sketchbook and scraps of paper are handy for that!"

Besides your shop what makes you tick? "One thing! Oh, that's tough! I'd have to say reading and learning. If I have free time, it's always a toss up between doing something crafty or reading."

A tip for other sellers: "Really connect with fellow artisans and crafters. Build teams and community. It's been so wonderful to connect with others (sometimes halfway around the world) who are as passionate about their art and craft that you are about yours! For instance, I just made a friend in Bulgaria and it's been great to help support one another through Etsy and outside promotion. It's a friendship being built through this medium, and it's wonderful. Check out her shop too!! www.etsy.com/shop/LikeFreja"

A great way to promote: "Teams and treasuries; Pinterest, Facebook and Wanelo too. Something I read somewhere, that I do now, is make sure to add my shop name when commenting on someones blog. That's been really helpful!"

An Astrid Endeavor loves to pin, "Right now I am addicted to Pinterest. That's a constant source of inspiration. Wow- addicting. Follow me at: pinterest.com/AstridEndeavor/"

Keep an eye out for new products, "I just inherited one of my Grandmother's spinning wheels, so since I love to embark on any kind of crafty adventure, I think I'll be taking up spinning in my near future. We'll have to see where that takes me. I have also been contemplating starting to experiment with resin and to also get back into making my own glass beads. AND- my husband bought me a Serger for Christmas LAST YEAR- and I need to figure out how to work it, so I think I'll be taking a little class here in San Francisco soon!!"

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