Saturday, April 7, 2012

[Creator of the Week Interview] Cally’s Creations

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The amazing creator of the week is Cally of Cally’s Creations -- a shop specializing in original mixed media whimsical artwork and creations such as cards, magnets and bookmarks (mainly paper goods).

Cally’s Creations started a little over a year ago, "I sold my first painting in March 2011, and thought it would be good to see if I could sell anymore!"

Money is Cally's biggest challenge, "trying to get a regular income can be very difficult to keep the business a float, but I manage!"

On the flip side, Cally's biggest accomplishment is "developing my own unique style; before last year I didn’t really have one."

"[I] take a time out, listen to my boyfriend write some songs, and read a lot," for inspiration. "I am going through a creative block right now [though and I'm] finding it difficult to get out of it."

Besides your shop what makes you tick? "Reading! I love reading lots and lots of books; [also] my cats and my wonderful boyfriend."

A tip for other sellers: "Be patient. I often go weeks without selling a thing. The thing that keeps me going is the amazing comments people make about my work. It’s just as good as someone buying them."

A great way to promote: "I used to love promoting via Facebook but now I find Etsy is easier if you join teams and try to become apart of the community. Swapping ‘likes’ is a good way to promote yourself."

Sweet resource: "I really love Beth Wilson’s (owner of DoodleCats) blog. She’s an amazing creator and I often go to her blog for inspiration." [ beth-wilson.co.uk/ ]

Currently: "I have a community of crafters in my local area, so I am trying to sort that out for more craft fairs over the summer. I will be *hopefully* starting on some new, darker mixed media pieces over the next couple of weeks, but I usually can’t plan these things!"

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Holly said...

Great interview! I know what she means about finding a unique style, it definitely takes a while to find your own voice when we're all so inspired and shaped by other people.

BillGuestPhoto said...

Great interview!! Would love to learn how I can get an interview!! I love your blog and am following and sharing!!

Sewinggranny - Mona said...

Very nice interview....

Ana said...

Such an amazing interview, and it's so wonderful to get to know a fellow Artisan. I have recently discovered this new shop and already am in love. Also thanks very much for the advice, it really helps. Wishing you the rest of a wonderful week. Great blog as always.

Michelle said...

Great feature and interview!

Crystal said...

Great feature.

Mandee said...


petite hermine said...

Great interview and very unique art :) I also love reading!

petite hermine said...
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Victorian Swag said...

Fantastic work! Love it!

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