Friday, March 2, 2012

Sad Day, Please Refollow

Follow on the NEW Google Friend Connect Please.

Today is a sad day because byhandgiveaways lost its 1400+ GFC followers list. I am extremely depressed because that took me years of working very hard to build it up and now it is all gone!

Why did this happen? GFC shut down the friend connect from all blogs except blogger as of today (March first).

But you are on blogger? I AM on blogger so it should not have been a problem except this blog used to operate under a different name and owner and the only way to switch the past followers to this blog was to use the scripted code (vs the blogger add on thing). Since this is how followers were adding in, when they axed GFC today I lost the set for this blog as well. :(

That being said please stop by and reconnect and please please spread the word!



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