Saturday, March 24, 2012

[Creator of the Week Interview] MagicByLeah

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The amazing feature of the week is MagicByLeah -- a shop specializing in OOAK (one of a kind) handmade figurines, animal sculptures, trinkets and whimsical jewelry; all sculpted from Polymer Clay.

MagicByLeah started about a year ago, "It's a dream I always had. I put sculpting aside between college and military service. After returning from deployment and finally settling down it seemed like a good time to start."

Moving from the dream to actually creating is MagicByLeah's biggest challenge, "[I have to] stop dreaming and start sculpting. I'm always dreaming of what I want to sculpt [so] I forget to actually START."

A recent accomplishment for her was finishing a particular piece, "I'm in love with my little Dutch bunny (seen above) and almost didn't want to post him for sale."

For inspiration, "I browse google, I'll type in a random word like 'fairy' or 'magic' and see what comes up. Swimming also works but obviously takes more time. There's nothing like a good workout to get my creative juices going."

Besides your shop what makes you tick? "My alter ego runs a private tutoring company Leah4sci.com."

A tip for other sellers: "Keep at it, and be sure [not to] under-price yourself. I did that at first [because I was] afraid people wouldn't pay my proper rates; when I raised my prices and still made decent sales my confidence grew and I was enthusiastic to continue sculpting."

A great way to promote: "It's no secret, the more you put your stuff out there the more people will find you. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, word of mouth, forums, teams..."

Sweet resources: "I am a big fan of the artist Natasha of the Morezmore estate (morezmore.com). My Sculpt-n-blog follows her style of tutorial-like step by step blogging."

Take a look at her current project: "My latest undertaking is a 2012 collection of '30 Bunnies for Spring' as can be seen on my blog: magicbyleah.blogspot.com."

Most popular item OR favorite thing for sale: sock monkey pieces.

As for giveaways, "I run giveaways whenever I feel like it or whenever I'm asked to sponsor a giveaway. I've also just started a giveaway blog featuring other artists and their giveaways: magicbyleahpresents.blogspot.com."

A sweet thing MagicByLeah won, "I've recently won two beautiful handmade glass items from MTBaldyGlassworks, one is a multi-color modern-art pendant, and the other is a beautiful handmade candle holder. I was beside myself when I found out that I had won. It was so exciting!"

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Jocelyn Friis said...

Leah is very talented! Great feature!

MagicByLeah said...

What a lovely post
I feel honored to be featured here


Symbolic Imports said...

Wonderful feature from such a talented shop. I have a few of Leah's items and they are just amazing!!!

Sewinggranny - Mona said...

Lovely feature on a very talented lady!

Dorene said...

Congratulations on this wonderful feature!

New England Quilter said...

Leah does make the cutest sock monkeys! Her work is amazing!

Greenhouse Glassworks said...

Leah does such amazing sculpting work!!

Mt. Baldy Glassworks said...

What a wonderful feature! And thank you so much for mentioning Mt Baldy Glassworks!

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