Saturday, February 25, 2012

[Creator of the Week Interview] Sunday Creek Too

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The amazing feature of the week is Sunday Creek Too -- a shop specializing in jewelry made from genuine bullet casings and sterling silver accents.

Sunday Creek Too was started in Spring of 2011, "My family and I are recreational shooters and always pick up our used casings (after all, it's our property we're shooting on!) and I began to think what could I do with what are essentially well-made uniform brass/nickel cylinders?" Also, she "listen[ed] to [her] husband when he [said] 'just try it, you never know'"

Being extremely busy, Sunday Creek Too's biggest challenge is time, "I have a full time job plus I make all of my own jewelry items, take the photographs, do the post production in PhotoShop and I designed and wrote my own website in addition to having a family and a productive hay farm with horses, cows, and dogs to take care of!"

Accomplishment is felt for her whenever she makes a new design that "develops into a unique piece."

Besides your shop what makes you tick? "My wonderfully supportive family and our rural life together."

A tip for other sellers: "There is a buyer out there for just about anything, you just have to help them find you, the internet has opened up the entire globe for sellers of handmade goods."

Also, don't let age stop you, "As someone who can certainly be labeled 'mature', I would like to encourage all 'ladies of a certain age' to take the plunge into selling their creations - I know it looks frightening but dip your toe in the water, it's not as deep as you think!"

A great way to promote: "Search Engine Optimization (SEO)! Yes, it's tough to master and I'm not there yet, but I'm constantly thinking about it and working on it. I derive enormous satisfaction from getting sales from far flung corners of the world including: Siberia, Finland, Australia, Ghana, Switzerland, Brazil and more."

She also loves using Youtube as a great source of information, "Seriously, there are so many tutorials from wonderful artisans - I could be in 'school' all day if I had the time."

Most popular or favorite item sold:

As far as giveaway participation goes, she typically enters 4-5 a month, "I have never won anything [yet, but I'm] not giving up."

On a last but certainly not least note, Sunday Creek Too will begin donating 5% of all her sales starting March 1st to one of her favorite charities, Vets Helping Heroes. This charity "combines my respect for our military heroes and my love for canines helping humans in so many capacities - my father was a police dog handler when I was growing up and his highly trained German Shepherd dogs live with us as family. Their intelligence and work ethic is incredible but they also patiently allow me to dress them up in hats and dresses...!"

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Peelirohini said...

Lovely article :) Love how Sunday Creek has turned something like bullet casings into a thing of beauty !!

Christina said...

Christina - xristya@rock.com - Sunday Creek looks like a remarkable endeavor!

Linda B said...

Great article. Sunday Creek does beautiful work.

Lost Sierra said...

Cheryl From Sunday Creek, is with a doubt, one of the hardest working, creative people I have had the privileged to be associated with.
Terry Williams
Lostsierra Custom Cabochons

Shadow Dog Designs said...

Fascinating interview! Am a little late in finding this but thanks for sharing. And WOW! I just noticed a pair of my heart earrings at the end - thank you!

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