Saturday, April 9, 2011

Handmade Creation Sat/Sun; Link Up, Vote & Win

Handmade Creation Saturday by Aulani Photography and BHG. You can enter either here or on Aulani Photography.

New Note: Only one vote per IP/house will be available. Also, when voting begins, you will no longer see the voting results until after voting ends! This will level the playing field some and give all items a more equal chance.

What is it? A weekly event where you can share your newest creations for some exposure (see below for all the exposure you could get) plus a chance to win ad space here ByHandGiveaways (and there)!

Only One submission per person per week, extras will be removed; See below the link list for all the details and information on prizes, how to, etc.

How do I participate? Easy!
-First: add your newest creation to the link list above (be sure it is added through a direct link of some sort); you have from 12:01 am to 11:59 pm PST on Saturdays to submit your creations.
-Second: come back Sundays from 12:01 am to 11:59 pm PST to cast your vote.
-Third: spread the word however you can to get others to vote for you.
-Note: any handmade item, art, photography or crafts welcome! Images must be suitable for viewers of any age. I reserve the right to delete your link if I think the image shared isn't suitable for everyone.

Exposure? Tell me how!
-First: everyone who adds a creation to this list will generate some free exposure since people who come to this post to check it out, vote, or share could click on your item.
-Second: the winner's piece (the item with the most votes) will get a blog post here at ByHandGiveaways sharing the item and link with readers.
-Third: the winner's piece plus MY three other favorites (not including the piece that won) will be shared in a blog post on Aulani Photography.
-Fourth: if you share an item from Etsy, the top Etsy items (determined by the votes) will get shared in a treasury.
-Lastly: these posts and the list won't go anywhere which means someone could stumble on you through this later.

Prize? Tell me what! As if all the potential exposure wasn't enough:
-The item that gets the most votes will earn the creator a free month of 125x125 ad space on ByHandGiveaways; the same ad will also be placed on Aulani Photography for a month. As this event grows the prizes could change or include more!
-The winner will be contacted through the email provided so be sure you use your correct email. The winner has 24 hours to respond to the email I send; if the winner does not respond in the allotted time then the next item in line will win.

Can I Win Multiple Times?
-Yes, you can! So feel free to enter every week.
-But, you can only win up to two times every six months (once you have won a second time you'll have to wait six months to be eligible for prizes again). You can always enter your item but if you keep winning the prize will be awarded to the next person in line (so that more people can have a chance to win).
-If you win again your ad time will be extended for another month. If you won before and your ad has already been removed it will get posted up again.
-And obviously I can't win my own prizes, my entry will be removed right before voting. :)

That's All. Don't forget to tell your friends to vote! Feel free to share a button.


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