Friday, February 5, 2010

About & FAQ

About By Hand Giveaways:
  • By Hand Giveaways used to be HM Giveaways but switched so that the .com could match all the things about the site, so that it would be easier for people to remember where to go.
  • The owner is Danelle; she used to run shops Etsy, and has been doing shops, blogs and crafts for a long time.



How do I run an ad on your blog? For information on advertisement click here.

How do I find the direct link to my twitter status? It is simple. Each twitter update has its own unique page. To find it just click on the time stamp under the status update that you want to view. The new page you are taken to will be the direct link (or right click on the time stamp and "copy link location" and paste where appropriate). Want to follow BH on twitter? Click here. Here is an example of what a direct twitter status looks like: https://twitter.com/byhandgiveaways/status/8924954383

Questions? Please email me with the subject "faq" at byhandgiveaways [at] hotmail [.com]


Dyle said...

I have a giveway in my blog:
thank u if you listed here

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