Friday, February 5, 2010

Submit Giveaway

Get your handmade giveaway more exposure and get a free listing here on By Hand Giveaways.

Please use this form to submit a handmade giveaway.

EXPOSURE: Most (not all) giveaways will be:

1. We only post giveaways that are handmade (or from vintage/supply shops located on Etsy or Artfire hosting giveaways).
2. We do NOT post the giveaways if there is missing information (although I will send you a reply letting you know).
3. We do NOT post giveaways that have ended or have not begun.
4. Do not send the giveaway multiple times because it will NOT be listed again.

Please allow up to 4 days for your giveaway to be listed (they are usually posted faster).

BHG (Like other sites) is having issues with forms! So, beginning now, please submit your giveaway via email. This makes it so I can get all submitted giveaways (no cap) and it makes it easier for me to share it on BHG.

Simply copy, paste and fill out the form below and email it to me at
byhandgiveaways [at] hotmail [.com]

Please include this Email Subject Line; use the end date of your giveaway!
Giveaway Ends 06/01

*Win (Prize)::
*From (Shop)::
*End date (Last day to enter)::
*Open to (Restrictions):: Pick [US Residents, Canada Residents, INTERNATIONAL (EVERYONE), OTHER]
*Direct link to giveaway::
*Prize Value (US$)::
*Direct link to Usable Picture (No blogger images. Upload to tinypic.com or something similar. If no picture is sent none will be displayed):
*Is this handmade [does NOT have to be from Etsy, just needs to be handmade!] (or supply/vintage from Etsy/Artfire)?: Pick [YES or NO]

*We are NO LONGER sending notifications of posted giveaways! If you want to see your giveaway please subscribe to the blog. Rest assured it will be posted, only if there is missing info and we can't post it will you be contacted.

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vivelafrance said...

Love your linksy. Thanks for having this. It is my second time posting a giveaway! vivelafrancedesign.etsy.com

MariS said...

Adding your link to my site and thanks for the info on the other giveaway sites!

Charmies said...

I just submitted a giveway. Thanks so much!

lilycheung said...

oh , great idea . it's very important to me

Tillalili said...

I follow you on Twitter.
Emailed you my giveaway info.
Thanks in advance for posting it!!


sugarraindrops.com said...

I followed you on twitter, and sent an email your direction. ♥

Rajee said...

I came to know you from blog hop. Please follow my blog, http://momsfocusonline.com/time-to-follow-blog-hop-for-july.html and let me know to return the favor

please follow my facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Moms-Focus-on-Cyber-World/143647461954

Savories of Life said...

You can post my handmade giveaway! http://savoriesoflife.blogspot.com/2012/02/win-lots-of-prizes.html

Jewellery by LOwusu said...

Hi, Im trying to submit info to you for a giveaway using the email address you provided but the email keeps being sent back to me with an error message. Is there any other way to get the info to you?

Suncloud Illusive Giveaway said...

Perfect Glasses USA is proud to announce yet another contest to promote its amazing SunCloud Sunglasses. Perfect Glasses USA is giving away a brand new Suncloud Illusive in Tortoise Purple Polar Brown to one lucky winner of the this contest.

End Date:May 1st 2012

Lisa D Pottery said...

Thanks for posting my handmade giveaway!

Coupon Database said...

Awesome giveaways! Thank you sooo much! Good luck everyone!!

shalasha deese said...

Wood Tree Swing Giveaway ends 8/17

Easy Rafflecopter

CastleofCostaMesa.Com said...

Giveaway!!! Win this "Handmade Topsy Turvy Fairy Tale Doll" on CastleofCostaMesa.Com !!!

Paul Frank Glasses and Paul Frank Sunglasses said...

Paul Frank Glasses and Paul Frank Sunglasses

Perfect Glasses USA is proud to announce yet another contest for the to promote our amazing Paul Frank Glasses and Paul Frank Sunglasses. Perfect Glasses USA is giving away a brand new STYLE COUNCIL LUNCHBREAK to one lucky winner of the this contest.

Visit: http://www.perfectglassesusa.com/content/paul_frank_glasses_summer_contest

Start date: Aug 15th, 2012 End date: Sep 15th, 2012

Only for: US, Canada, 18+

intricateknot said...

Your site is awesome! So glad I found it. :)

Bereket Mamo said...

You can post my handmade giveaway art.
Bereket's Art. Title “Abogida" 16x20

Giveaway ends October 24 at 9:00 p.m. pacific


bereketdecor: HERE is my special GIVEAWAY


Angela said...

Hi everyone! Enter my giveaway, ends 11/6!


Anonymous said...


There is a free Facebook handmade jewellery giveaway here...

All you have to do is Like the page and like and share the photo!

Laura Simmons said...

I don't know how you find the time to do this and plus being a student and working on another site. I do thank you whole heartedly for doing hosting this giveaway blog.

By Hand Giveaways said...

Thank you for the comment! It is hard to juggle this, and every once in awhile I miss a giveaway and always feel horrible--but I love posting these so much so it keeps me going :)

Rin@SewinLove said...

Thanks for managing this list. I've linked to your site on my blog and sent you an email :)

SweetPepperRose said...

Thank you for providing a great giveaway / shout out site! I have entered and I have placed your button with link on my giveaway.

kellyz said...

ends 4/16

Photography by Shyla said...

http://free4ugiveaways.com/ Ends 4/30 Over 30 prizes!

Mich Rayfield said...

$200 Cash giveaway ends 5/31/13 http://www.thecouponingcouple.com/200-cash-giveaway/

Shubham Gupta said...

TechQuark.com is giving away a Brand New Samsung Galaxy S4 to one of it's readers.

YES ! You heard it right, a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 !

Participate now to win :)


Anonymous said...

Get vinyl bag of 25-Gallon having three shelves for supply. Additional features are hooks for mops & brooms and the platform is big enough to carry the standard size of bucket.
Free T-Shirt by Mobile Janitorial Supply with any 199.00 minimum order

Anonymous said...

Genie Beauty

Prize: Prepare to be pampered with a line of cosmetics by Genie Beauty ($99)

Megan Vandeventer said...

Rafflecopter linky here

Lo Katy said...

Personalized Necklace Giveaway

Lo Katy said...

Bling Swarovski Crystal Card Case, Handbag, Jewelry Giveaway

Join Now:


Lo Katy said...

Bling Swarovski Crystal Bow Tie And Fashion Lapel Pin Giveaway

Join Now:


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